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Kardashian hair washed every two days, which gets the thumbs-up of our favorite designers. “Do not wash your hair everyday because it can dry out,” says hairstylist Chris McMillan, who recommends using a mild shampoo and conditioner a few days a week and a deep conditioning mask once a week. To keep her hair shiny and manageable, Kardashian said, “I use Moroccanoil mask and daughter Carol Monoi hair. They make your hair so soft. ”


The reality star used to keep brows closely, but finally yielded to Anastasia Soare in Beverly Hills. “She always said she wanted to put my hand on my forehead, and I said,” No, I myself in my life. “Then, once it did, I became obsessed . It waxes and then tweezes, “says Kardashian.

Soare she sees every three weeks, but it is possible to maintain a perfect shape at home on your own too. Tweeze stray hairs just after a shower, when your skin is at its softest, they will opt out more easily.

Apply shadow EYE PERFECT

Kardashian has a thing for dry patches of shade. Before applying, she said, “I powder under my eyes, so that you can see the white powder with a brush.” ​​Another thing we like to lasting colors: a layer of dust translucent powder the same the lash line to brow before applying shadow.

Choose the best SHADES

Kardashian is faithful to Nars Blush in orgasm, and it is mixed with Revlon lipstick and gloss Yves Saint Laurent.

To find your best color of blush, gently pinch your cheeks and match the blush to the color you see, says makeup artist Jillian Dempsey. “If you have acne or a ruddy complexion, choose a color fawn, so the blush does not draw attention to the redness.”

For lipstick, the perfect nude should be a little lighter than your natural lip color, says Bobbi Brown, makeup artist and founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. “It will even out and define your lips like a coat of mascara subtly draws attention to your eyes,” she said. “Keep in mind that a lipstick should not be neutral color dark circles. ”

To find the best Red Poppy King, CEO of Queen Lipstick, suggest trying both balls blue and orange base to base. “If tint works well, the whole face lights up,” she said. “If this is not the case, you will look as if the color has been drained out of you.”


Max Out Your Lashes

Kardashian eyelashes are out of control delicious. On its own, she said, “I mascaras layer”, more precisely, Lancôme Doll Lashes mascara and MAC Zoom Lash Black fast. She also said: “I want to learn to [false] lashes.” Our top tips for fake boobs: Put a dot of glue on the back of your hand. Use tongs to pick up the sloping false eyelashes by its base, and slide through the glue. Tilt your head back so you can see your lash line in the mirror and apply false eyelashes carefully along this line. Give the glue a few minutes to dry before putting on mascara.

Create contours

Kardashian has a technique she swears by. She described: “I put my first foundation I powder my face, then I put the concealer … and mix with a pink sponge egglike, contour BeautyBlender So I think everyone here-of a three .. . “[Using finger, she drew a three invisible on each side of his face.]” I’ll cheeks, under the chin, then the top. I like Smashbox Bronze Lights Suntan Matte because it does not flicker in it. ”

Remove your MAKEUP

“My most essential product has got to be Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths Night calming,” says Kardashian. “I need a makeup deleted at any time. This is the only way that I take my makeup off. ‘ Going to bed with a clean face is the key to preventing wrinkles and even acne. “Beauty may be due to pollution, and eventually you will sleep with a load of free radicals on your skin, which may contribute to cell damage and premature aging,” says Howard Sobel, clinical attending physician in dermatology and dermatologic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center in New York.

And if you use wipes, do not forget to use for face: “I cringe when I see women who use baby wipes to remove their makeup,” says Laura Mercier, creator of cosmetics Laura Mercier. “Butt of a baby are not covered in makeup that requires special ingredients for proper disposal.”


Stash a nail file

Kardashian loves having her nails into the living room, but still makes the deposit itself. “I am OCD,” she said. “[My nails] must be perfectly square. I carry a file with me wherever I go. Anxiety I get when I get my nails done if it is not the person that I use all the time, because I do not want to offend when I ask him to file my own nails! “Keep an emery board in your bag, let you attach snags and form. Just use it right: File in one direction to prevent breakage. And “do not shape the sides of the nails, unless they are at least one-eighth inch beyond your finger,” says manicurist Deborah Lippmann. “Otherwise, it could weaken.”

Keep the skin smooth

To exfoliate and remove spray tanner, Kardashian visit a Korean spa in downtown Los Angeles for body scrubs. To rob you, try Burt Bees Sugar Scrub Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Body Polish and Fresh Brown.

Eat Healthy

Kardashian says her cellulite has “gotten better with the regime.” It usually eat oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch and chicken for dinner.

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